Voltage Optimisation Technology

The EconoPower sets an unprecedented level of electrical energy management. Our voltage optimisation technology not only reduces the current flowing into the circuit, but manages electrical power unlike any other voltage optimiser available.

The EconoPower is perfect for companies which frequently change their electrical equipment. The facility of proactive management in the EconoPower drastically improves the efficiency and lifespan of all electronic systems on the circuit. By installing EconoPower you will, in a cost effective way, reduce your power consumption and your energy bills.

The Benefits

•Reduces energy bills by between 8% and 24%.

•Works on earth, neutral and live.

•Limits compensation at a power factor of 0.98.

•Removes harmonic pollution through hybrid fitters.

•Reduces equipment breakdown.

•Increases the life of electrical equipment.

•Regulates consumption peaks

Current Products and Roadmap

Temper Green aims to bring the most innovative and sustainable products in the market place. Our principal objective is to provide cost effective solutions that can be delivered and installed with minimal disruption, reducing future maintenance and energy costs.

HET Technology Heating Appliances

EconoRad (Available now)

EconoCylinder (Available now)

EconoBreeze (September 2016)

Voltage Optimisation Technology

• Electrical Energy Management

EconoPower (various sizes)(Available now)

FemRaDD Technology Power Generation

EconoGem Micro (2017)

EconoGem (2018)

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