The Complete Heating and Hot Water Solution

Temper Green’s answer to traditional hot water cylinders. We can now provide all electrical heating and hot water for domestic and commercial clients.

Powered by HET technology allows the EconoCylinder to use less energy but deliver the same output as other systems.

Sensors inside the unit relay the temperature back to a central analogue dial, if the desired temperature is reached, the heating element will be disengaged and a pump will continue to circulate the water using minimal energy.

The Benefits

• 66% cheaper than other cylinders on the market

• Ability to set temperature up to 0.1˚C

• EconoCylinder uses 1.2kW with an optional 3kW boost function to heat a range of cylinder sizes and retain the water temperature.

•Competitor’s products typically require up to 6 sometimes 12 kW to heat the water.

• Heat retention minimises heat loss

• Heat up time from cold is 25 minutes.

• Wi-Fi compatible

• Multiple styles for each type of installation.

• Compatible with all tap fittings

• 100% recyclable

• 10 year guarantee

Current Products and Roadmap

Temper Green aims to bring the most innovative and sustainable products in the market place. Our principal objective is to provide cost effective solutions that can be delivered and installed with minimal disruption, reducing future maintenance and energy costs.

HET Technology Heating Appliances

EconoRad (Available now)

EconoCylinder (Available now)

EconoBreeze (September 2016)

Voltage Optimisation Technology

• Electrical Energy Management

EconoPower (various sizes)(Available now)

FemRaDD Technology Power Generation

EconoGem Micro (2017)

EconoGem (2018)

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