About Temper Green
After 4 years of research, development and successful trials we formed Temper Green in 2016 to offer our services and products to both commercial and domestic clients, with the aim to bring environmentally friendly products to the market. Our mission is to ‘the ceaseless pursuit of innovation in compact, energy saving, high precision technologies’.



Temper Green was born out of drive to constantly search for the best environmentally friendly products on the market and bring these to our clients in the most cost effective way.


Temper Green sources unique, technologically advanced and renewable energy solutions. We provide our clients with low cost, legally compliant energy efficient solutions, whilst reducing the carbon footprint of their business. Temper Green redefines energy efficiency. Why wait when you can start saving money and becoming economically efficient today.

Our philosophy

Reducing energy consumption, carbon footprint and cost is at the heart of everything we do.

Our Services

Renewable energy solutions

Low tech, low carbon footprint products

Consultancy services

Contract services

Installation services

Maintenance services

Sharing best practice

Linked solutions to latest research

We are proud to work with
Walker Tex
Electricity NorthWest
Walsall Housing Group
Acom Property
Walker Tex
Electricity NorthWest
Walsall Housing Group
Acom Property
Available Services

• Free quote and survey

References shared or site visit to demonstrate products in use

Pilot schemes

Discount for large commissions

Maintenance packages

Energy audit

Services & products
HET Technology Heating Appliances

EconoRad (Available now)

EconoCylinder (Available now)

EconoBreeze (September 2016)

Voltage Optimisation Technology

• Electrical Energy Management

EconoPower (various sizes)(Available now)

FemRaDD Technology Power Generation

EconoGem Micro (2017)

EconoGem (2018)